The Bomber
Some attributes
First Fast and with low cost bombers target bigger ships, used in large numbers they are very effective against more powerful ships.
Second Damage: 5
Third Shield: 2
Other attributes
Fourth Armor: 1
Fifth Targets: 1
Sixth Cargo: 2

 Bombers are the fourth attack ship class unlocked after Fighters, Corvettes, and Interceptors (Elite only). However, unlike the previous classes unlocked, Bombers target larger ships first. Bombers are one of the best ships to mass-produce, as their particular targeting choice makes them crucial for eliminating the ships that kill off the player's own large ships.

Cost to Build: Edit

One Bomber costs 2,000 units of Titanium and 1,000 units of Power. A maximum of 50,000 can be built at once. 50,000 Bombers can be built in approximately 33 hours or speed-built for 8,334 Nanites without Elite. With Elite, 50,000 Bombers can be completed in approximately 16.5 hours or speed-built for 4,167 Nanites.

Base Stats: Edit

Requirements: Edit

  • Ship Yard Level: 5

Notes: Edit

  • Like Fighters, Bombers have a Flagship Module of a similar name called "Bomber Boost". The module increases the Bombers' attack power by 100%, effectively doubling their attack.