The Dreadnaught
Some attributes
First The Dreadnaught is the largest and most powerful ship available. It is only found in the largest fleets.
Second Damage: 2,000
Third Shield: 3,500
Other attributes
Fourth Armour: 3,000
Fifth Targets: 10
Sixth Cargo: 500

The Dreadnaught is the most powerful ship in the entire game, and is an essential part of you fleet in order to climb the rankings. The Dreadnaught can be used in almost any situation, but, it can be overwhelmed by Bombers if Carriers are not present to protect it. When used in very large amounts (many higher-level players have hundreds of thousands or millions of ships), Dreadnaughts can annihilate the enemy fleet with ease.

Cost to Build: Edit

  • Titanium: 500,000
  • Power: 250,000

Base Stats: Edit

  • Damage: 2,000
  • Shield: 3,500
  • Armor: 3,000
  • Targets: 10
  • Cargo: 500

Requirements: Edit

  • Armoury Level: 3
  • Advanced Ship Research Level: 3