• How do I learn to play?
  • How do I explore the galaxy?
  • What are the differences between the types of celestial objects?
  • Different celestial objects yield different resources. Asteroids give titanium, nebulae give plasma, stars give power, swarms give nanites (however, the chances of getting nanites are uncommon), and debris give all resources except nanites. Pirates and empires are NPC planets that have a fleet of their own. They give resources and experience if defeated.
  • How do I harvest resources?
  • At your planet, resources are already generated if the generators/factories are built, however, you can go to certain celestial objects that yield different resources by sending a fleet with a small amount of ships. Preferebly just 1 Barge.
  • Whats is the difference between an empire and pirates?
  • Both empires and pirates are NPC planets. The difference is that empires are much stronger than pirates depending on the level. It is reccomended to go against level 1 pirates if you're a new player.
  • How do I develop my fleet?
  • What does the flagship do?
  • The flagship is a non-attacking ship that cannot be destroyed. You could add equipment, 3 the most, that acts as upgrades to your fleet.
  • How do I gain xp?

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