The Fighter
Some attributes
First Desc: Low cost, fast and good against other fighters and bombers.
Second Attack: 1
Third Shield: 2
Other attributes
Fourth Armor: 1
Fifth Targets: 1
Sixth Cargo: 1

Fighters are the first ship class available to players. They can be unlocked via purchase and construction of the base Shipyard (Level 1/9) in Planet view. Their low cost makes it easy to build sizable swarms of them, and due to their overall low stats, they are best used in considerably large numbers. Fighters are, however, essentially a meatshield for larger ships.

Stats Edit

Building Edit

One Fighter costs 1,000 units of Titanium and 500 units of Power. A maximum of 50,000 can be built at once. 50,000 Fighters can be built in approximately 20 hours or speed-built for 5,000 Nanites without Elite. With Elite, 50,000 Fighters can be completed in approximately 10 hours or speed-built for 2,500 Nanites.

Abandoned ships Edit

Fighters are commonly found when exploring resource-giving objects (asteroids, nebulae, etc.). the number found is often 13 or 17.

Notes Edit

  • The Fighters' attack power can be increased by the Flagship Module "Fighter Boost", which provides a 100% attack boost to all Fighters, essentially doubling their attack.