The Interceptor
Some attributes
First Desc: The Interceptor is an advanced and more powerful version of the Fighter, it can be detected with scanners.
Second Damage: 1
Third Shield: 3
Other attributes
Fourth Armor: 2
Fifth Targets: 1
Sixth Cargo: 1

Enhanced versions of Fighters, Interceptors are ships exclusive to Elite members and are unique in the sense that they cannot be detected by the Sensor Array. Apart from having an extra Shield point added, Interceptors are almost identical in performance to normal Fighters. Interceptors can be acquired when the Shipyard reaches Level 4, provided the player has an active Elite membership.

Stats Edit

Building Edit

One Interceptor costs 1,200 units of Titanium and 600 units of Power. A maximum of 50,000 can be built at once. 50,000 Interceptors can built in approximately 13 hours or speed-built for 3,334 Nanites.

Notes Edit

  • Interceptors are almost entirely similar to Fighters, but can take a slightly harder hit thanks to their extra Shield point. However, being that they are cloaking ships as well as lower-priority ships, they are also attacked by fewer ship classes than Fighters.
  • Despite being so similar to Fighters, Interceptors do not appear to receive any sort of enhancement from the "Fighter Boost" Flagship Module.