Resource Bar

The Resources Bar, located at the top of the screen in-game.

Resources are a sort of in-game currency used to construct sites on the Planet, build ships, fuel research, and much more. Resources can be gained either through mining or by farming various resource generation locations on the Galaxy Map. The four types of resources are: Titanium, Power, Plasma, and Nanites.

Titanium Edit


The Titanium symbol, located on the far left of the Resources Bar.

Titanium is the most plentiful of the resources, and is also the most necessary for building. Large quantities of it are often needed for construction and for building ships. Titanium can be mined by purchasing and constructing the Titanium Mine, or found by exploring Asteroids and Debris on the Galaxy Map.

Power Edit


The Power symbol, second from left on the Resources Bar.

Power is the second most necessary resource, and is the second component for building ships as well as conducting research. When constructing facilities on the Planet, the building cost in Power is usually either half or four-fifths the facility's cost in Titanium. The same is true for Power to Plasma costs when researching. When building ships, the ship's cost in Power is always half the ship's cost in Titanium. Power can be mined on the Planet by purchasing and constructing the Power Plant, or found throughout the Galaxy by exploring Stars and Debris.

Plasma Edit


The Plasma symbol, second from right on the Resources Bar.

Plasma is the 3rd resource made known to players, but is somewhat less readily available than the aforementioned resource types. Luckily, this scarcity is countered by the fact that not much of it is needed throughout the game, especially later on. Plasma is the main resource used in fueling research, and it is also very important for players who use the Sensor Array often, as Plasma is used to scan NPCs and other players' fleets. Plasma can only be found one of two ways: By purchasing and constructing the Plasma Generator on the Planet, or by exploring Nebulae in the Galaxy.

Nanites Edit


The Nanites symbol, on the far right of the Resources Bar.

Nanites are the last resource located on the Resources Bar, but they are not given a proper introduction to players. Nanites are Colony Attack's other in-game-purchase item, next to Elite. Nanites can be bought via the orange gift box tab at the bottom of the screen, with options ranging from 5,000 Nanites for $0.99 to 1,000,000 Nanites for $40.00. Nanites can also be found at Swarms on the Galaxy Map, though it is much more difficult to explore Swarms and it is much harder to find a large quantity of Nanites. Nanites can also be produced, albeit a much slower rate than the other resources, with the nanite facility later on in the game. Nanites are essential for the speed-building of facilities on the Planet as well as ship, and quick completion of research. Another less favorable use for Nanites is to convert them into resources, using them to make up for a lack of Titanium/Power/Plasma.