Ships are the most important portion of Colony Attack. They can be sent to various resource generation locations on the Galaxy Map as well as to other players and NPCs for battles that gain rating. Ships cannot be built until a Shipyard is purchased and constructed via the Planet screen. Each ship comes at a different cost, and must be unlocked by meeting certain requirements, typically through upgrading the Shipyard and developing Ship Research/Advanced Ship Research. Ship costs increase from left to right along the list, and a ship's cost is not affected by the ship's class type.

Ship Types Edit

Ships are broken into two types: Attack, and Cargo. Attack ships are used for battle as well as to collect resources on the Galaxy Map, where Cargo ships bring home resources collected.

Attack Edit

The nine attack ship classes in order from weakest to strongest are Fighters, Interceptors, Bombers, Corvettes, Frigates, Cruisers, Battle Ships, Carriers, and Dreadnaughts. Each attack ship varies in the stats it has and the ships it targets, making some types more suitable for certain situations and against certain fleets. (Note: Interceptors and Cruisers may only be obtained by purchasing Elite.)

Cargo Edit

The cargo ships are used to bring back the resources found during explorations throughout the Galaxy. Cargo ships are completely unable to attack, and as such, carrying resources is their only function. The two classes of cargo ships (in order of increased carrying capacity) are Barges and Freighters. (Note: Cargo is not necessary in bringing back resources from battles with NPCs and other players.)

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